This is probably the last in the portraits of colleagues series, me being outside the airlock for over four months now.

I’ve known Theus the longest of all my recent colleagues, going back eight years or so when we were both on the Enlightened team of Ingress, and crossing paths frequently in the software development worlds of Scala and Spark.

I thought I had the watercolour portrait methodology pretty much down pat, but I forgot how tough hair is to paint. Eyebrows, beard and head hair need different colours - and methods, and obviously I’m still in the learning phase.

Data Description
Title Theus
Artist Derrick Oswald
Medium Watercolour on acid-free, cellulose, fine-grained, natural-white paper
Dimensions (w × h cm) 29.7 × 42
Date 2023

watercolour of Theus

original photograph of Theus



A Canadian electrical engineer living in Switzerland, developing software for over 40 years, e.g. big data for electric distribution utilities and the cloud security space, but now retired.

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