This is my second attempt at the Heiliggeistkirche. The first was not so successful.

I was gifted a voucher for Klubschule Migros, which I’ve applied to an Aquarelle course with Franziska Ewald. Much of the results from the weekly lessons are “experimental” and not worth posting. This time I came prepared with an ink sketch and managed to complete it in the two allotted hours.

The view is from our #6 tram platform at the Bern train station. Most times the hour, weather, and fog conspire to hide it, but I got a good shot last week when the sun came out.

For the quintessential yellow/green colour, that’s typical for Bern buildings constructed from sandstone quarried from the Ostermundigenberg, Franziska suggested Lemon Yellow + Cerulean Blue + Quinacridone Violet, rather than my first choice of Cadmium Yellow + Ultramarine Blue + Burnt Umber. I think it worked well.

Some places in the painting are a little confused, since I had to “shop-out” the rummies and vagabonds that gather on the steps and hang out on the benches around the church.

Data Description
Title Heiliggeistkircke
Artist Derrick Oswald
Medium Watercolour and ink on acid-free, cellulose, fine-grained, natural-white paper
Dimensions 29.7cm x 42cm
Date 2023

watercolour of Heiliggeistkirche, Bern



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