Software Development

9code provides software development services in many programming languages and environments.

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Support & Troubleshooting

9code excels at in-depth problem resolution and long term care. We make your problems our problems.

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Product Development

9code has ongoing development efforts in software and hardware products.

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Android development

A plethora of mobile applications became possible with the availability of inexpensive smartphones and tablets that have capabilities rivaling last century's desktop performance. This coupled with advanced imaging and sensing features expands the possibilities even further. Our team of designers, developers and product managers provide an end-to-end service for your needs. Even if you only have an idea for an App, 9code can help.

Some examples of areas where 9code can help include:

  • virtual reality
  • biometrics
  • location based services
  • remote data entry
  • reality capture

Our services include:

  • product design
  • brand integration
  • application development and testing
  • collaboration and synchronization
  • client/server communication
  • small and large scale deployment
  • monitoring and scaling
  • data aggregation and analysis
  • license and security

Mobile device sensors.

Aspects of the Internet of Things.

IoT the Internet of Things

Todays devices pack more functionality onto system-on-a-chip designs than was previously available in last century's desktop. With IPv6 now ramping up, even passive objects will soon participate in the Internet-of-Things. With extensive experience in circuit design, sensor integration and low power operation, we can make your idea a reality.

9code can help shrink, package, integrate and implement small device systems for your product or service. Our team of engineers and specialists can work through your entry into this space. Some items we can assist with include:

  • energy harvesting
  • rf communications (mesh networks)
  • device protocols
  • security
  • low noise and small signal design
  • sensor and circuit design

9code can generate prototypes from your ideas and concepts, perform field testing and iteration, and then productize and produce it.

3D printing

The current nascent state of the 3D printer market has been compared to the early stages of the PC or PC printer market. 3D printers will soon be as ubiquitous as 2D printers are now. To help with the transition, 9code currently offers ad-hoc and custom services in this space. Whether you have a design idea you would like to print, need to buy or service a 3D printer, or would like some software written for a specific purpose, we can help.

Some of the needs that 9code can fulfill include:

  • CAD services
  • 3D model capture
  • 3D model preparation
  • printing services
  • printer sales, service, training and support
  • bespoke software

Stepper motor CAD model.

Geographic Information System layer diagram.

GIS Geographic Information Systems

With large data comes a need for appropriate reports and maps to tell the real story. To get your spatial data available to the right people, talk to us - we have extensive geospatial expertise. From photogrammetry through point clouds and location based services 9code can shepherd your data from the field to your device – be it mobile or desktop.

Some items 9code can help with include:

  • SQL and No-SQL databases
  • statistical analysis
  • spatial registration and transformation
  • bespoke software

Software development

With over 30 years of software expertise, 9code has you covered for short or long term contracts.

Just some of the areas of expertise:

  • Languages: Javascript, Java, C#, C++, Go, SQL
  • Platforms: Android, Web, Desktop
  • Operating Systems: Windows, Linux, *nix
  • Database: CouchDB, Oracle, SQLite, MySQL
  • Industries: CAD, GIS, Manufacturing, Finance

Icon of tablet and tools.

Large help button.

Support & troubleshooting

The complexity of todays integrated systems requires dedicated resources - and not finger pointing.

Some services 9code can provide for you are:

  • diagnosis
  • problem resolution
  • on-call emergency service

Product development

There are several products that 9code is currently working on.

Some examples are:

  • Image capture software capable of creating multi-page PDF files (document scanner in your hand), with OCR and raster-to-vector conversion in premium versions.
  • Device to photograph and store vandals pictures [using Arduino based device] to aid law enforcement (grafitti honeypot).
  • Peer to peer Thing Tracker Network (see for managing 3D printable objects.

Open hardware gear icon.